What's New

What's New in the latest version — Font Awesome 3.2

Heads up! These docs are for v3.2.1, which is no longer officially supported. Check out the latest version of Font Awesome!

Font Awesome is always getting a little awesome-er. So here's what's new in the latest version, Font Awesome 3.2. Have some ideas for new features? Help contribute.

58 New Icons in 3.2

Requested by the active community on the Font Awesome GitHub project.

SCSS Support

A long term solution is now in place for SCSS support. Need SASS? Try sass-convert.

Better & Simpler License

SIL OFL 1.1 for font, MIT license for code. No more attribution required, but much appreciated.

Pixel Perfection at 14px

Version 3 was re-created from the ground up to be razor sharp at Bootstrap's default 14px.

Font Subsetting

Thanks to @grantgordon and @johnsmclay, you can subset to get just the icons you need.

Want More Details?

Check out the CHANGELOG on the GitHub project to see what's new and changed.

Rotated and Flipped Icons


Stacked Icons

icon-twitter on icon-check-empty
icon-flag on icon-circle
icon-terminal on icon-sign-blank

Better Bulleted Lists

  • New bulleted lists
  • Fix some old bugs
  • And deal with arbitrary
  • Font sizes better
You asked, Font Awesome delivers with 58 shiny new icons in version 3.2. Want to request new icons? Here's how.